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Kindness starts with us: His Hands, His Feet

Feb 12, 2018 11:41:47 AM

RMI Community Outreach

I received a call from a family friend, Jeremy, who was in the US army in Amman Jordan building towers to protect our borders.  He asked if RMI had any safety supplies we could send over to him to give to 24 soldiers of the Jordanian army he had befriended.  The Jordanian soldiers were stationed nearby on a project. They always asked if they could borrow safety glasses to keep the dirt out of their eyes.

From that moment on, it was laid upon my heart to provide for them in any way I could.  Jeremy and I began to work together to make it happen.  CJ and I got with the RMI team and rounded up what safety supplies we could.   We ended up sending several boxes of respirators, safety glasses, gloves, first aid kits, and more. 

US and Jordanian soldiers

It seemed a simple project, but it took several months.  The boxes got stuck in customs for what seemed like forever.  For weeks, Jeremy and I would work in the wee hours of the night and early morning because of the time difference.  We communicated back and forth with the Amman UPS, US UPS, and Jeremy. Even Jeremy's General ended up getting involved; he tried everything he knew to help us out.

Sometimes, help comes from unexpected places...

Finally, I was told to change the recipient of the safety supplies to King Abdullah II to see if we could get it through customs.  Yeah, we all know who that is, right?   

I was in awe of how God worked!  He laid upon the heart of the King, the commander of the elite Jordanian army, the willingness to help RMI! The King helped where he could, as he appreciated the fact that we wanted to help take care of the needs of his soldiers. 

At last, it happened!  It took Jeremy six hours at the airport cargo bays chasing down one signature after another, going back and forth with an interpreter, and showing his ID everywhere. But Jeremy was able to get the safety supplies!

RMI safety supplies in Jordan

Jeremy worked hard to get all the boxes inventoried and the safety supplies divided up for each soldier. After he was done, the US Army General and Jordanian Army General both came to express their appreciation.  The General gave an amazing speech, and each soldier got a goodie bag with their safety supplies from RMI.  They had a special ceremony and a cake that said “Hesco Fever.”  This name became the name of Jeremy’s mission with the soldiers he had befriended.  

United for the Common Good

We sent an RMI banner for the Jordanian Army to fly high on tower 76 between Jordan and Syria. RMI was given the Jordanian Flag that flew there prior as a token of their appreciation along. We were also sent an American Flag folded up and an army hat I will wear with pride.  Today, they all sit on a shelf in my office to remember how one need became such a blessing.

RMI flag in Jordan

This mission touched all of our hearts. But most of all, I think we realized that no matter the miles, the distance, or the fact that we are worlds away, we were still able to be one in unity and care. We were united for those who fight for the same cause, just from different borders.  Jeremy has gone on with his mission and continues to care for the needs of others.  Hesco Fever Jeremy!

I will never forget how my family was given so much on our journey with Jim’s brain cancer. We can never repay so many for how they prayed for us, fought with us, and cared for us. But what we can do is always make it our mission pray for others, care for others, fight for others. We can always give back in some way when we see the need and the opportunity to care for others

RMI helping Jordanian soldiers

May we forever be the hands and feet of Jesus.  God Bless Israel and Jordan.



Shelly Golay

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