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Kindness Starts With Us:  Why We Choose to Give

Oct 9, 2018 3:32:18 PM

RMI is a family owned business that is dedicated to keeping the workforce safe.  We have planted our roots in the Wyoming soil.  We live here, we work here, and we play here.  I joined this team in January; quickly approaching the one-year mark. In that short time I have learned a lot about where RMI came from.  Not just when we started up, but how and why the culture is the way it is.  It’s not like we had a sit down and everyone told me about it… it just shines through in how people talk to and interact with each other and customers.  And how they talk about Jim Golay, the co-founder of RMI.

Framed Picture of Jim Golay signed by friends and family  

When Jim passed away he left a void.  A void in our hearts and life and in our daily work routines.  Business and life as we knew it, changed.  But there is one thing that hasn’t changed.  I know that what truly sets us apart from the rest of our competition is not what we sell but how we sell it.  And I know that to uphold, what we know now is Jim’s legacy, we truly must follow his lead.  I am keenly aware of the impact that he had not only on us but also on our customers.  His heart and passion were seen not just in the day to day operations of RMI but in the relationships he established, and we continue to build on.  A silent code, if you will, that he lived out daily.  This code is a strong legacy that we strive to make sure stays intact. Jim’s code closely resembles one that has become more popular since his passing.  The Code of the West. 

Cowboy Ethics

In a book written by James Owen titled “Cowboy Ethics, What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West” first made a debut in 2004. Mr. Owen had worked in the hustle and bustle of wall street for nearly 40 years and was inspired by the hit movie Open Range. A previously unwritten code of the west was given great momentum and Ten Principles to live by. This concept was largely accepted by Wyoming and many corporations and nonprofits. Something that is a way of life had been written down and published.  Something that our founder, Jim, also felt was a way of life.

Code of the West

1)  Live each day with courage. 6) When you make a promise, keep it.
2) Take pride in your work. 7) Ride for the brand.
3) Always finish what you start. 8) Talk less and say more.
4) Do what has to be done. 9) Remember that some things aren’t for sale.
5) Be tough, but fair. 10) Know where to draw the line.


In addition to these principles, Jim was a Godly man.  He was a man of honesty and integrity.  He lead his business and his family through faith.  Jim’s faith and steadfast belief in the Lord is what kept he and Shelly, and their kids, strong through his struggle, and eventual loss, in the battle with cancer.  It is Faith that keeps them, and us, strong now.

Through booms and busts of our Wyoming economy, The Code of the West and Faith in the Lord can be more difficult to maintain a grasp of.  The obstacles and challenges of business in general almost require one to completely forget about The Code of the West just to survive.  Business is cut throat.  I imagine that 35 years on wall street can change ones’ perspective of not only business but also of the world. But not here.  Not within the walls of RMI.  The unwritten code, that has since been given new life, is a part of the culture at RMI.  These principles can be found in how we do business with customers, vendors and even within the walls and how we treat our RMI family.  The values that Jim lived each of his days are what we strive each day to never forget.  Never forget where we came from and how Jim and Shelly built this business.  With these principles, and by the grace of God, this company has withstood tumultuous times and will outlast.  These principles and our enduring faith are part of the reasons that we choose to give.  We chose to give back to our nation, our community and our employees and their families.  We can’t say YES to every request and we do our best to give until it hurts.   

Each month we will write about many of the projects that we have given to and we hope that you will also consider where you are giving of your time and money.  Some projects and events that we have been a part of this past year include:


Jason’s Friends Foundation Samaritan’s Purse Cory J. Wilder- IMCA Modified
David Street Station Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Valor Baseball
Raising Readers Wyoming ACC/CETO Benefit Golf Tournament National Write your Congressman
Wyoming Medical Center- Heroes Fund Casper Legion Baseball Casper Youth Baseball
Kelly Walsh High School Wildcatters Golf Tournament Veterans of Foreign Wars
Natrona County High School Walleye Fishing teams American Legion Baseball- Rock Springs
Brain Injury Alliance of Wyoming Loenbro- Putting for Pierce Rock Springs Shrine Club
API Chili Cook Off/Golf Tournament- Casper, WY Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce Donating supplies to the Hoback Fire Crew 
API Chili Cook Off/Golf Tournament-  Willison, ND Casper Area Chamber of Commerce  Donating safety equipment to assist the Jordanian Army
Nick’s Home Run Derby NCHS Deca  

While I did not have an opportunity to meet Jim, his legacy has been clearly communicated and exemplified by the culture and the values that are portrayed at RMI daily.  We will continue to ride for the brand and ride for Jim as we make each day to day decision.

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