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Must Have Cleaning Equipment for Your Workplace

May 9, 2019 9:14:53 AM

Managing the cleanliness of any workplace can be an unrewarding task, especially when we’re talking about warehouses, plants or other facilities. Not only are you concerned with the health and safety of your employees, you may often have customers or visitors on site. So, maintaining your workplace can quickly become an overwhelming nightmare.

Must Have Cleaning Equipment for Your Workplace


If you’ve already donned your yellow rubber gloves and are ready to tackle the grease and grime in your workplace, hold your horses. There’s a few things you need to remember before you start. First, you need a pretty thorough inventory of the potentially dangerous materials you have on site. You certainly don’t want to break out a bottle of bleach to start cleaning up a chemical spill. Some things just don’t mix. You’ll want to make note of special considerations when you perform your next hazard assessment.

 There's another thing you need to think about. Once you clean up an area, how do you dispose of cleaning materials? For this one, you’ll want to check the OSHA and EPA requirements for your area. Some regulations remain pretty standard across the board. Never toss oily rags in the garbage and make sure to dispose of chemicals according to your safety data sheets. Just cover yourself and double check.

Now that we’ve sorted that out, are you curious what cleaning supplies you need to have on hand to tackle most industrial messes? Take a look at this brief checklist and stock up your facility today.


Industrial Cleaning Supply Checklist


🗹 Personal Protective Equipment

Before cleaning begins, make sure workers have access to PPE that can protect them from the potential effects of handling cleaning chemicals. Be sure to review your safety data sheets and have them available for employees to review before a cleaning task.

You’ll want to outfit them in appropriate safety gloves and sleeves to prevent skin irritation or burns. If your crew will be using caustic, toxic or harmful products, make sure they have appropriate masks or respirators to protect their lungs. Safety eyewear like goggles is also important to protect eyes from harmful liquid splash. To avoid any confusion, use signage to convey potential dangers about storing, using or disposing of cleaning supplies.

Showa Multipurpose Glove


Showa Best Biodegradable General Purpose Glove

A worker's hands might be his or her most valuable asset. Make sure they're protected when using cleaning supplies with the Showa Best Biodegradable General Purpose Glove. This glove is flexible but tough and provides protection against oils, dirt, grease and abrasions. It even comes with a sponge grip.


🗹 Industrial Strength Cleaners, Degreasers and Wipes

Choose cleaners, degreasers and wipes specifically designed to clean up the common messes your facility experiences on a regular basis. Trying to cut corners using cheap and ineffective versions may save you money initially, but will cost you more in the long run when you’re unable to get surfaces, carpets or equipment clean.

You’ll also want to store these cleaning products properly. This means identifying potentially flammable or combustible products and storing them away from products that could cause dangerous vapors, fire or combustion. Use special fire safe lockers and cabinets to store these materials.

Sellars Wipes

Sellars TOOLBOX® Grab N' Scrub® Wipes

Wipes you use around the house may not be tough enough for your facility. The Sellars TOOLBOX® Grab N' Scrub® Wipes are designed to cut through all kinds of messes including oil, tar, grease, paint, lubricants, ink, wax and adhesives. They’re also made with a non-scratching scrubbing texture to keep your surfaces looking new.


🗹 Floor Equipment

Having the right floor cleaning equipment on hand is essential to the cleanliness, health and safety of any workplace. Plus, it can reduce the cost of cleaning, provide a safer work environment and maximize uptime. Evaluate your needs and decide if you need industrial cleaning, scrubbing and sweeping equipment, or if a simple mop and broom will do the job.

Rubbermaid Mop


Rubbermaid Mop with Cotton & Synthetic Head

Simple, but essential. Sometimes you just need a reliable mop to get the job done. The Rubbermaid Mop with Cotton & Synthetic Head is great for just about any mess. The best part? The mop head is fully launderable for up to 50 washes.


🗹 Cleaning Tools

Do cleaning tasks fall by the wayside because you or your workers “can’t find the broom and dustpan again”? If so, it’s prime time to invest a few dollars in a 5S lean management technique and give your cleaning tools a home of their own. Find a spot on the wall in your facility that you can hang cleaning tools on. They call these shadowboards, because each spot is outlined with a shape of the tool that lives there.

That way, there’s no confusion about where certain items belong. Clean up will go faster and your crew will become more productive, less frustrated and will likely take more pride in their workspace.


🗹 Sorbents and Spill Control Solutions

Sorbents? What the heck are sorbents? If you’ve ever had to clean up spilled oil, lubrication fluids or even bodily fluids with kitty litter, then you may be relieved to know that a better option exists. They’re called sorbents. Sorbents are various materials that help to soak up liquids or contain them before they spread.

Let’s talk about the last time you spilled a quart of oil. You’re first reaction is to grab a few rolls of shop towels and when that doesn’t work, you reach for the mop. The result? You’re left with an even bigger mess than when you started. And, those soiled rags are now a flammable hazard and must be disposed of properly. Granular sorbents can be sprinkled over the top of the spill and simply swept into your hazardous waste can. Socks, booms and spill pads are other options that can be used to pick up a variety of spills including oil, fuel and chemicals.

 Oil Only Spill Kit


Complete Environmental Products Oil Only Vehicle Spill Kit

Mops, paper towels and rags don't work when oil finds its way all over your work space. This spill kit from Complete Environmental Products is perfect for cleaning up spills in your facility safely and effectively. It comes with 10 sorbent pads, 4 sorbent socks, neoprene drain cover and a disposable bag. It’s even packed away in a convenient carry bag and comes with gloves and goggles to protect your employees.


Spring Cleaning Doesn't Have to be a Chore

For even more helpful spring cleaning tips, check out our blog 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Facility. We’d love to help you get your workplace in tip-top shape this season.

If you’d like some more help choosing the right cleaning supplies or safety equipment for your workplace, reach out to the pros at Rocky Mountain Industrial Supply. We’re here to help. Click here for more assistance.


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