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RMI is Committed to Meeting the Needs of Our Customers

Nov 13, 2018 10:51:19 AM

 One of the strongest pieces of the RMI brand is that we are constantly looking for more ways to meet the needs of our customers. Providing solutions to help our customers complete their days more successfully and safer is the foundation of our business. Not only are we always looking for new products and services that help in that regard, but also for more effective ways to get those solutions to our customers. In an effort to bring safety solutions to our customers more effectively, you will notice a change in the design and ease-of-use of our website.

 Some new features you can look forward to include a speedy checkout process, as well as shipping right to your doorstep. The search feature is sure to come in handy with the numerous manufacturers that we represent. And, you will create a profile similar to Amazon, to help keep track of your favorite products and past orders. No matter how technology changes, we’re still here to serve our customers — both online and in person.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our New Website:

  1. Do I still come here to login to my custom site?

    Yes! You will still use the website It will look different. However, you can find the “Member Login” button on the top left of the page.

    Member Login
  2. Has anything changed with my login/site?

    Your login has not changed, and neither will your custom site. If you want to make some changes or see something on the retail site that you want available in your custom site, please reach out to us. We’d love to add more products to your site.

    Give us a call
  3. Why did you redesign the site?

    In an effort to better serve our customers and reach more end-users,  we created this retail site. Customers can order and pay directly online, receive order confirmation, and see order progress right through email and/or text.  This is our way to provide necessary solutions to those that are ordering online already and may not have a custom site set up with us yet.

  4. Why are the prices different?

    Prices may be different in your custom site than what you see on our retail site.  Many of the custom sites have negotiated prices as a benefit of creating a custom site for a company.  If you are interested in creating a custom site for your company, please reach out to us and we can set that up specifically for you and help meet your needs!

  5. Why can’t I use special offers from the retail site in my custom login?

    Many of the prices in your custom sites are pre-negotiated and may be even lower than the specials and offers that are available on the retail site. We work very hard to keep margins low and provide solutions at an affordable expense to you and your company. Because your prices are lower, you cannot add other coupons or offers that may be available on the retail site to the prices in your custom site.

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