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FR Clothing: The Highest-Rated Picks of 2017

Mar 6, 2018 10:30:00 AM   FR Clothing   1 Comment

Spring has almost sprung (although it may not seem like it in Wyoming). That’s right - the first day of spring technically falls on March 20th. So, that means new fashion styles, materials, and designs. We want you to stay up-to-date on the hottest trends of the season. So, consider this your ...

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How to Wash and Maintain FR Clothing

Feb 27, 2018 12:44:12 PM   FR Clothing   1 Comment

FR clothing is an important part of your company’s safety program. These garments help to protect your employees. Many industries now use FR clothing as standard PPE. As a result, the number of workplace burn injuries has gone down. But in order for FR clothing to work properly, it has to be well ...

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Staying Warm with FR Insulated Coveralls

Feb 20, 2018 7:30:00 AM   FR Clothing   1 Comment

Did you know you can get FR coveralls that are insulated? This type of FR clothing is great for employees who work outdoors - for example, oilfield workers. These employees face harsh working conditions on a daily basis. They’re surrounded by big equipment and lots of hazards. That’s no secret. ...

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Using FR Face Masks in the Oil and Gas Industry

Feb 13, 2018 8:30:00 AM   FR Clothing, Oil and gas   0 Comments

Far too many workers are killed every year in the oil and gas industry. Fires and explosions often cause these unfortunate deaths. There were 80 fire-related fatalities between 2006 and 2010. Luckily, those numbers have started to decline. Between 2010 and 2015, there were only 9 deaths reported.

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High Visibility FR Clothing for the Oil and Gas Industry

Feb 7, 2018 1:30:10 PM   FR Clothing   0 Comments

Oil and gas work may involve many hazardous activities. It’s a dangerous industry to work in. It’s important to recognize and control the hazards as much as possible. So, what are some of the major safety concerns for working in this industry? There’s high risk of exposure to struck-by and ...

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Staying Warm with FR Jackets and Coats

Jan 30, 2018 9:47:33 AM   FR Clothing   0 Comments

Many organizations now require FR clothing as part of an employee’s standard uniform. They’re beginning to realize how often their employees need that kind of protection. Workers in these organizations wear coveralls on a daily basis. But what about when they have to work outdoors? That’s where FR ...

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FR Clothing Options That Are Lightweight and Comfortable

Jan 23, 2018 8:07:58 AM   FR Clothing, Oil and gas   3 Comments

FR clothing is an essential part of an employee’s uniform. But, employees will sometimes resist wearing it. They don’t like having to wear thick, heavy layers over their clothing. That’s understandable. But these days, FR clothing comes in a variety of styles and options.

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FR Clothing: Choosing FR Base Layers

Jan 18, 2018 8:30:00 AM   FR Clothing   2 Comments

Do your employees wear FR clothing at your jobsite? How familiar are you with FR base layers? Not everyone is aware of the hazards created by non-FR fabrics. But some materials can burn and melt to your skin. Even when FR clothing is worn overtop.

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Are FR Hoodies Appropriate Jobsite PPE?

Jan 9, 2018 3:03:40 PM   FR Clothing   0 Comments

Many industries require their workers to wear FR clothing. Does yours? If so then you might be familiar with some of the challenges of this requirement. Employees will sometimes resist wearing their FR clothing. They claim that the clothing is uncomfortable or too bulky. But, manufacturers have ...

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What Material Should Your FR Pants Be Made Of?

Jan 2, 2018 11:42:37 AM   FR Clothing   0 Comments

As a safety manager, you’ve probably had to purchase FR clothing for your employees. Most industries these days have at least some employees that need to wear FR. This specialized type of PPE is especially common in the oil and gas industries. It’s likely that you’re familiar with FR shirts, ...

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