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Top 5 FR Clothing Options That Won’t Give You A Heat Stroke

Apr 24, 2018 8:25:55 AM

FR clothing for summer

Looking to purchase some fire-resistant (FR) clothing for your employees? With so many options out there, it can be tough to narrow it down. The first step is to understand your needs based on your unique work environment. Do they need FR clothing or arc-rated (AR) clothing? What about comfort levels? How important is that when choosing new gear?

It might surprise you, but finding a lightweight and breathable FR clothing option is one of the biggest factors you need to consider. When working in warm weather conditions or doing hot work, heat stress is a very real and common health risk. Keep reading for information, reviews and benefits of lightweight FR clothing options that won’t give you heat stroke!

Listed below are some of the most popular FR clothing options available on today’s market. Shown here are a wide variety of styles and choices. And, all of them feature lightweight FR qualities. Let’s take a closer look at what they are, and why people are using them.


Lightweight FR Coveralls

Many employers choose to provide coveralls for their employees. Coveralls are a great option because they provide full-body protection with just one piece of clothing. Of course, additional gear may be required. Gloves, hoods, base layers and other protective garments should be added when necessary.

One popular coverall option is the Bulwark FR CoolTouch 2 Deluxe Contractor Coveralls.

The CoolTouch 2 products are lightweight garments that are ideal for hot work environments and warm weather. Fabrics are made with wickable, breathable materials. They’re also highly durable. Employees appreciate how soft and comfortable they are.

The coveralls feature two side-vent openings with snap closure. S,o workers can get some extra airflow on those hot summer days. Airflow is very important because it allows the worker to use their body’s natural cooling process to minimize the risk of heat stress.

The Bulwark FR CoolTouch 2 Deluxe Contractor Coveralls provide Category 1 protection and has an arc rating of 6.5 cal/cm2.
Bulwark FR coveralls

What people are saying about this product:

Do your employees wear coveralls at your workplace? Compare this option to what they’re currently using. Your workers will appreciate you taking their opinions into account. If they’re asking for something that is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable — these coveralls may be your best option.

Check out these reviews from people who are already wearing them:

“Lightweight and cool in the Houston heat!”

“The quality of the product is great.”

“Perfect quality for summer. Will be ordering more!”


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Lightweight FR Shirts

Instead of a coverall, you can provide your workers with lightweight FR shirts. The Carhartt Work-Dry Lightweight Twill Shirt is sure to please your employees. If you want to keep them happy and safe, put them in these. It’s strong and durable, all while maintaining its soft and lightweight features.

Not only does it protect them from fire-related hazards, but it looks nice too. They’ll be proud to wear the Carhartt Twill as a work shirt. They won’t mind stepping out for a bite to eat in this stylish shirt, either.  

Carhartt FR twill shirt

What people are saying about this product:

Everyone wants to be comfortable at work. What kind of FR clothing is your team currently wearing? This Carhartt twill shirt is one of the best on the market and it’s well-known for being a comfortable work shirt in the industry. It’s safe to assume that your own employees would agree.

Check out these reviews from people who are already wearing this shirt:

“It's a very comfortable material and kept me cool enough while out in the sun all day.”

“If you want to know your shirt will not catch on fire while working around pieces of molten metal flying around you all day and stay comfortable this is the shirt you need.”

“I bought this to keep me safe in 100° F weather.”

“Light and breathable -- perfect!”

“Stitching is solid and the shirt has good all-around quality build. Comfortable to work in. Solid choice for an FR shirt.”

Lightweight FR Hi-Vis

Do you work in an environment that requires high visibility clothing? If so, then the National Safety Apparel FR Dual Action Class 3 High Vis Shirt has you covered. It can be tough to find quality FR gear that also features hi-vis components. NSA has a great product that protects your employees in multiple ways.

National Safety Apparel hi-vis FR shirt

What people are saying about this product:

Construction workers, miners, and others all agree. This one piece of clothing is much more comfortable than wearing many layers of hi-vis and FR apparel. That’s especially important when working in hot weather. As we all know, heavy and bulky layers can trap heat close to the worker’s body. Now, workers can remain safe, visible and cool during the warm weather months. Check all the safety boxes with just one garment!

Take a look at some reviews from people who are already wearing it:

“These dual action hi-vis long sleeve t-shirts are probably the most comfortable FR Hi-Vis shirts I have ever worn.”

“Not too hot - great product!”

“Very nice, lightweight and good for the summer and very bright. The strips seem to hold up in the wash so far and reflect for a good distance.”

Lightweight FR Base Layers

Don’t forget about your base layers. Arguably, this is the most important layer that needs to be lightweight and breathable. Base layers provide a dual purpose. They keep the employee comfortable, and they add an extra layer of protection. Did you know that many workers are unaware that base layers are an important part of their personal protective apparel? Make sure you provide them with cool and comfortable options to ensure compliance and safety, no matter what the temperature.

The Carhartt Flame-Resistant Force Long Sleeve T-Shirt accomplishes both purposes. It’s extremely soft, and comfortable. It’s moisture-wicking, so it’ll help regulate employees’ body temperatures. It’s also gives the user an extra layer of protection. It’s a Category 2 shirt and has an arc rating of 8.9 cal/cm2.

Carhartt FR long sleeve t-shirt                                               

What people are saying about this product:

Do your employees like to wear layers underneath their FR clothing? If so, make sure those layers are also fire-resistant. Anyone who wears this shirt will tell you the same thing. They’ll tell you that it’s soft, comfortable, and perfect for layering under regular FR clothing.

Check out these reviews and see for yourself:

“One of my favorites. Very light and thin. Fits perfect.”

“At a job that required me to wear a long sleeved FR shirt in 90 degree weather during the summer heat, this shirt works perfect.”

“It is extremely stretchy and soft. Great for layering.”

“This shirt is very lightweight. I wear this in desert climate where it can be hot and cold, for the heat you can’t beat it, if you're too cold, you just need to work a bit harder!”

“Really nice and cool shirt. Best one I've had so far. Working in the summer on a drilling rig where FR is required this shirt is great.”

Lightweight FR Hoods

Hoods are necessary in certain situations. When the risks are high and the hazards dangerous, an arc flash hood must be worn. Employees don’t exactly look forward to wearing them. Why? Because, until recently most styles were hot, heavy, and bulky. But, the Protera Arc Flash Hood from National Safety Apparel is different.

It’s made from lightweight materials. And, it has a built-in fan that makes working in it much more tolerable. The cooling effect keeps workers comfortable which reduces the chance of them removing their protective gear to cool off. Being sure your employees are protected, how’s that for peace of mind?

Protera arc flash hood

What people are saying about this product:

Hoods are an extremely important piece of electrical safety equipment. If you’re going to have employees wear them, make sure you get something that isn’t too heavy. Make it easier for them to do their job. They won’t be tempted to forego wearing it if they have the Proteca option. Which is key, because arc flash hoods protect the user’s head, neck, and face.

See what other people who use this hood are saying about it:

“I love the hood. Also, its face shield and internal fans!”

“The 40 cal hood with fans is super cool, and does not fog up.”

Avoid Heat Stress by Choosing the Right FR Gear

Choosing lightweight, breathable, and comfortable FR clothing is always important - especially when dealing with hot conditions. Bulky, uncomfortable and restrictive PPE not only causes workers to sweat more and overheat. It can also cause them to fall victim to the dangers of heat stress — which can be fatal.

We’re happy to show you the features, benefits, and reviews of some of the best protective clothing options that exist. That way, you can feel confident knowing that you are providing your workers with the very best gear, while keeping them cool and comfortable.

If you need help choosing the right gear for your company, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to help. After all, this decision is about protecting your employees. If you can keep them comfortable, safe, and happy by providing quality FR clothing — then everybody wins.

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