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Who is RMI? Wyoming

Feb 5, 2019 8:15:00 AM

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We are RMI.  We are Christ-Centered.

CJ Golay, Vice President/CEOWe are Wyoming

When you think of the great state of Wyoming many things may come to mind; home of Yellowstone National Park, the first designated national park, the first state to allow women the right to vote.  Being from Wyoming means you have an inherent respect for the land, for the people and for the environment. Being raised in Wyoming means being raised to follow a code. The Code of the West is real and we live it out each day at RMI.

Talk less say more is the one principle of that Code that stands out for C.J. Golay, CEO of RMI.  As he works to continue a legacy, and really setting the tone in the company, this Code means more to him.  "I really try to listen to not only customers but employees too.  I listen with the intent to understand, not just to respond."   By following this Code, CJ has established himself and RMI as a leader in the industry.

C.J. is dedicated to carry out a legacy that his father created.  One that he was raised in and a part of at an early age.  "I remember touring the mines in Rock Springs as a kid and always prodding him to take me underground. Dad was called out at night on more than one occasion, to assist with mine rescues. It really struck a chord with me about how important the work was that my dad was doing. He wasn’t just selling safety products, he was helping create a safety culture and get those men and women home safe every day. " He witnessed those workers helping one another and coming together for each other.  C.J. points out that he sees that every day in the interactions with RMI and customers, and with each other.  "It isn't unheard of to hear employees talking about praying for one another and even with customers.  We are here to serve each other.  We are human beings first, and I see RMI employees looking to serve customers first & provide lifesaving equipment & solutions, rather than just make a sale."


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